TFT technology was developed in the 1990s. It adopts new materials and new processes for large-scale semiconductor all-integrated circuit manufacturing technology. It is used for liquid crystal (LC), inorganic and organic thin-film electroluminescence (EL and OEL) flat panel displays. basis.

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TFT liquid crystal is equipped with a semiconductor switch for each pixel, and each pixel can be directly controlled by dot pulses, so each node is relatively independent and can be continuously controlled, which not only improves the response speed of the display screen, but also allows precise control Display color gradation, so the color of TFT liquid crystal is more real.

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Simply put, the basic principle of screen display is to fill the liquid crystal material between two parallel plates, and use voltage to change the arrangement of the molecules inside the liquid crystal material to achieve the purpose of shading and transmitting light to display different shades.

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