Company Profile

   Shenzhen Eagle Vision Display Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021.It is a professional integrated supplier mainly engaged in display technology solutions, display product application design, development and sales.

   The company is composed of technical and business elites who have been engaged in the display application technology industry for decades. The key personnel of the company have worked in leading companies in Tian Ma Electronics, Jing Dian Electronics, M-CONTROL Technology and other industries. Strong technical and business capabilities, a wide range of customer services, experienced, and hardware and software design, system debugging and technical support capabilities for various display solutions.

   The company has 2 R&D and sales centers in Shenzhen and Wuhan, with 2 senior R&D engineers (20 years of LCD experience ), 3 system engineers (10 years of LCD experience ), 6 normal engineers (5  years of LCD experience), and 2 senior sales staff (8 years of LCD experience), 8 normal sales (3 years of experience);  The Factories are located in Wuhan and Shenzhen ,about 15,000 Square meters; The Wuhan factory has 2 monochrome LCD production lines, 3 LCM automatic lines, and the Shenzhen factory has 2 assembly lines for TFT module lines. There are 25 quality inspection staff and a total of about 300 employees. The monthly production capacity of monochrome modules is 1KK-1.5KK, and the monthly production capacity of TFT modules is 600-800K, which can provide product production and after-sales service to meet the different needs of customers. 

   The solutions and products provided by the company are mainly used in industrial equipment, testing instruments, Meters, medical instruments, office conference systems, advertising equipment, household electronic products, and some consumer products. 

  The main markets are mainly in Europe and the United States (Japan, Germany, Europe and America ), and the domestic Asia-Pacific region is also taken care of. The main types of customers are small and medium-sized finished product manufacturers, agents, and designers; the end customers we have cooperated with include ABB, HONEYWELL, SCHNEIDER, JABIL, etc. 

The main programs and product types currently include: 

  A. Monochrome liquid crystal display (module): 1/1DUTY-1/240DUTY drive number, covering TN, STN, FSTN, VA, DFSTN types;

  B. Color liquid crystal display module (TFT): 0.96 inch-32 inch, can be equipped with full lamination, frame TP;

  C. OLED display module: 0.49 inch-5.5 inch PMOLED, and individual size AMOLED;

  D. Smart serial port module: 3.5-10.1 inches, with control board, built-in GPU processor;

  E. Video adapter series: support HDMI-LVDS/TTL/RGB/EDP mutual conversion, supporting TFT module;

  F. All-in-one machine series: 4.3-43 inches, equipped with Android system, RK3288/A33/MSM8909 and other platforms, can be customized and developed;

  G. TFT transparent cabinet series: 18.5-42 inches, complete product configuration 

  The company’s vision is to keep up with the current development trends of display technology through the efforts of the team, improve product technology, continuously optimize product structure, and provide customers with technology-leading and reasonably-priced products and services; at the same time, continue to develop and strengthen the company itself and make it a A well-known technical solution and product provider in the industry. 

  Values : integrity, unity, enterprising, promising

  Mission : Meet customer needs and solve customer problems

  Advantages : Quick response, full cooperation, stable supply

  Goal : Provide customers with the most suitable solutions; assist customers to maintain a continuous competitive advantage of products